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In contrast to the decline in traffic, APDM has achieved a turnover of 9,4 million lei, meaning 97% of the estimated revenue for 2009. Still, the expenses were lower than expected, so that APDM maintained a 300,000 lei gross profit. Ports administration on the river upstream brought about a turnover of 18,8 million lei to APDF, which is 5.6% less money than in 2008, but 17% more than in 2007. On the grounds of costs deduction, the company reported a net profit of 4,4 million lei. By far, the most spectacular performance was obtained by AFDJ: increasing its revenue by 6.85% compared to 2008, mainly due to 28% higher revenues from navigation services charges.

On the other hand, AFDJ reduced its dredging activities were reduced, to 92% of the planned programme on the maritime sector of the Danube and only 65% upstream on the river. Despite lower expenses, the three Danube administrations reported a long list of investments initiated or even finalized last year.

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