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The so-called Banat Airport Company would eliminate the current competition between Arad and Timisoara. ”It is a problem that the two airports are so close. Their competition is having an adverse impact on both sides,“ Berceanu said. According to the minister, when a highway will link Arad and Timisoara, the distance between the two cities will be covered in 20 minutes and both airports will try to offer better conditions to attract passengers from the neighbouring town. Such competition would not be good, the minister subtly suggesting that a specialization would be better: ”In Timisoara, we may have many passenger flights, while the city of Arad might focus its efforts on cargo“. According to the officials the ideal solution would be to set up a company whose shareholders be the county councils of Arad and Timisoara, the local councils of the two cities, the Property Fund and the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure. The Ministry now considers setting how much each of these shareholders would own of the new company. 

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