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Firstly, Aerotec GmbH will produce component parts for Airbus aircrafts, from September onwards. The investment is a green-field one and will also benefit from state’s support. The perspectives are optimistic – Premium Aerotec estimates that the first venue, which consists of 10.000 square meters of the industrial plant and offices, will be inaugurated this year, while the finalization of the investment is expected by the end of 2011.

Secondly, Eurocopter SAS announced recently that they intended to invest 7.1 billion Euros in Eurocopter Romania (joint venture founded by Eurocopter SAS and IAR Ghimbav), in their efforts to modernize the Puma helicopters. The deal is developed according to a contract signed by the British army representatives and the Romanian venue. Eurocopter SAS asked that following to this transaction, IAR did not develop any activity that might affect the business perimeter of Eurocopter Romania.

Therefore, Eurocopter SAS aims at ensuring a complementary activity between IAR and Eurocopter Romania. With 552 employees, IAR produces Puma and Alouette III helicopters, ensuring also the maintenance of their models. On the other side, Eurocopter Romania registered in 2009 a 26 millions Euros turnover and a net profit of almost 2 million Euros. Both companies are foreseen to benefit from an increase in the staff number also.

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