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Courier firms’ accounts began to be more and more full. DPD Romania reported at the end of 2013, a turnover of 64.8 million lei, up 43 percent from the previous year, when it obtained 45.3 million lei. In turn, Cargus reported a 20% increase in turnover for 2013, which thus becomes the best year in its history. The courier company has achieved a record revenue of 25.7 million euros, with nearly six million more toward 2012.
Forecast of specialists are increasingly optimistic about the development of courier business. “Courier market will reach 300 million euros in 2014-2015”, estimates Octavian Badescu, Sameday Courier founder. Lucian Aldescu, CEO of DPD Romania, emphasizes: “Historically, 2013 is the best year for us and this allows us to remain optimistic and anticipate growth for 2014”. However, Gian Sharp, CEO at Cargus, explains the rapid evolution of the company in the local courier market: “Our results show that 2013 was a successful year and the growth of 20% compared to 2012 follows a positive trend in all customer categories”.

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