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Firstly, regulations on the procedure for the expropriation of land were tackled, as repeatedly requested by the chairpersons of the Ministry of Transports, who thought the expropriations as the main reason for delaying the construction of motorways. The Government decision was not limited to facilitate expropriation, but also relates to simplify resolving the cases of contesting the auction results for infrastructure projects, and also includes measures to reduce the business costs.

According to legislative changes, within 90 days from the date on which the owners are notified that they will be expropriated, compensation will be paid into a bank account, and builders will be able to work on the land in question. Expropriation decisions cannot be attacked so the delays caused by disputes will be avoided.

Besides restricting the possibilities of stopping work because of complaints from the owners dissatisfied with the compensation awarded during the expropriation, exemption from a tax by the State Inspectorate in Construction should lead to lowering the cost of infrastructure works even with 10%.

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