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JobTransport was opened by professor George Darie, the Dean of the Politehnica University, by professor Iulian Badescu, Dean of the Transportation Faculty, and by PSD senator Lucian Sova, and they spoke about the importance of such an event for students and graduates.
JobTransport job fair, aimed and achieved to get employers and potential employees in a face to face situation. Multiple companies in the transportation, logistics and in the connected industries participated at the event. To name a few TTS Group, DSV Solutions, Elite, DPD, Mailman, Sameday Courier, Transferoviar Grup, DB Schenker, Wim Bosman, Gefco, KLG Europe, Kuehne+Nagel, Goodyear, Thales, Dynamic Human Resources, 4Career, Registrul Auto Român and Metrorex were there.
Over 1000 students and graduates participated at JobTransport. “I believe that at JobTransport, the first job fair addressed specially to the students of the Transportation Faculty, both employers and potential employees had something to win. The companies left home with many CV’s and on the other hand, the potential employees had their chance to talk to potential emplyers“, said Felicia Niculae, project manager.
The students and the graduates were extremely interested by the fair. “At JobTransport there have been many well prepared candidates. Basically, they did their homework. They knew which companies will be attending and what job they wish to apply for. I was impressed by how committed the young men were.”, said Carmen Padure, Event Coordinator.
Professor Iulian Badescu, dean of the Transportation Faculty Bucharest outlined the importance of such an event: “The 2 days of the event gave the students a chance to prove that they are capable of getting a job at a famous company. We are glad we managed to come up with real job offers for students. We will turn this into a tradition. The second edition of JobTransport will take place next spring”.
The two days of the fair were attractive no only because of the job offers, but also because of a large number of workshops, lead by companies like DPD, Transferoviar Grup, Wim Bosman, Gefco, Tales, DB Schenker, Kuehne+Nagel and Registrul Auto Român.
Professor Radu Pencea spoke to the students about „Adapting transportation services to the developing demand and modernizing romanian economy in 2013-2014” and professor Mihaela Chraif, on behalf of the Romanian Society of Applied Experimental Psichology gave the students attention tests during the workshop „How well can you drive – psychological simulation and test”. Also, Corneliu Bente, president of the National Union of Work Legislation Experts , explained the students when they should or should not sign a job contract.
Career consultant Eduard Ezeanu talked with the students about „successful career strategies” and dr. Mihaela Stroe held the “Self knowledge and non verbal intelligence”workshop. The workshops ended with Dana’s Tudor presentation, general manager at Dynamic Human Resources, with the subject “Success engineering and the vehicles used in reaching it”.

At JobTransport, Metrorex launched the project “Young Metro”, specially conceived for informing and promoting young specialists in the metro transportation domain.”The project responds to the need of promoting competence in order to increase efficiency in metro transportation. “Young Metro” will take form in a series of informing and communication activities, debates with the participation of the students from the Transportation Faculty and Metrorex specialists, themed competitions, meetings with young Metrorex employees, and at the end of the project the best students will gain a company internship” declared Evelyne Maria Croitoru, Head of Metrorex Communication Department.
Among workshops and company presentations, during the two days of the fair, the students benefited from the services of a CV expert, which counseled them for free.
During the two days the students won at different raffles numerous prizes. They were held at the end of every workshop, but also in the second day of the event, on the 9th of November when the fun reached its peak. “We wished for the students to feel comfortable at the fair and not to be too nervous when talking to the employers. That is precisely why we offered many prizes, including two weekends at the mountains” mentioned Robert Barbu, Project Coordinator.
At JobTransport there was also fun: Saturday, on the second day of the event, the participants were entertained by stand-up comedian Catalin Dumitru. Also, the students could take a drive test with a Volkswagen Jetta, offered by Porsche Bucuresti Vest 1. The tuned cars of the guys from Streetmaniacs made quite an impression on the participants as well. Saturday afternoon adrenaline was rushing during a drift event by national rally champion Vali Porcisteanu.

Joining the JobTransport team as media partners there were „Cariere” magazine, „Autoplay” magazine, Radio Lynx, the regional newspaper “Evenimentul”, eSupplyChain, www.bestjobs.ro, www.catalog-cursuri.ro, www.bucuresti.zilesinopti.ro, glaremagazine.ro, The Romanian Logistics Association.

Partners of the event were www.mihaelastroe.ro, www.careerexperts.ro, www.willing.ro, Service Autolux Europa, Ed4Lead, New Aosta Garden, Bucharest West Restaurant, Green Palace Hotel, Dynamic Human Resources, Valmar Media Global, National Union of Work Legislation Experts, Jollydent, Corint Editorial Group, Willmark Dance Academy, Info Academy Association, Corazon Latino, Easy Dance, Avantaj Consulting, Extreme Training, The Organization of Students of The Faculty of Transportation, The National Union of Romanian Students, Cătălin Dumitru, Romanian Society of Applied Experimental Psichology, Bebgym, Angel Rose, Casa Jad, Guarana, Grisport, Cabinet Raluca Matilda Borza, Elegantine, Falcon, Autocross Arena, Porshe, Streetmaniacs.

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