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The project is bringing together 26 partners from the EU zone (Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) as we as from non-EU regions (Albania, Croatia, Serbia). The Administration of Danube’s Ports Galati (APDM Galati) is one of the coordinators of the project, and the only one in Romania.

The goal of the project is to develop and sustain ecologic intermodal transportation, through investment plans, financing and monitoring instruments. The project is financed through the South East Europe program, and has a total value of four million euro. APDM Galati has the function of leader of the VII transportation corridor, which corresponds to the Danube region. GIFT focuses on three pan-European transportation corridors: IV, V and VII, which cover almost the whole South-Eastern region. “The project will be active until the 31st of August 2014, and it analysis traffic on the three corridors and transportation, and it will develop the transportation network, in cargo volume and safety both” declared Silviu Meterna, Commercial Manager for APDM Galati.

The project authorities stated that the criteria for which these three corridors have been chosen, is that countries that do not have access to a big river or a sea, have difficulties with their transportation network. Also, another reason was an existing important flux of cargo between certain counties.

The results of the GIFT project are numerous. First of all, knowledge about the existing network will improve. Second, there will be a classification of performance of the existing corridors. The decision factors, representative of different industries and institutions will have the chance to share information and build new partnerships on the transportation market. New platforms for talks and negotiations will be created, housing over 300 stakeholders. An important output of these platform talks will be the generating of new regional authorities which will be in charge of the actual functioning of the corridors (planning, monitoring and issuing ecological certificates).

Also, through GIFT, there will be three to five new transnational strategies and agreements regarding ecological transportation. The officials sustain as well, that the talks would bring together over 20 political decisional factors and 300 stakeholders from South-Eastern Europe. In the end, these transnational agreements will facilitate ecological transportation.

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