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On September 13th 1865, an English company has received from the Romanian Parliament the right to build and operate the first railroad in those times. At the beginning of 1867, the construction of the future route started from both ends of the line, and on the golf course located between fields with vineyards that spread on the 1877 began to ascend the walls of future train stations.
On September 7th, 1869, from Filaret station first train departed, and it had Prince Carol himself passenger who kept his word in front of all his people: to not leave the country until he will be able to use “first Romanian iron road”.
First Station of the capital was officially opened in a grand ceremony on October 31th, 1869, after the religious service of the Metropolitan Primat Nifon, in horn sounds (the old train departure signal) and the enthusiastic cheers of onlookers that were on Filaret Station platform.

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