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Also, the Commission considers it particularly useful to apply intermodal solutions where possible, amongst which the railway bonds are highly rated. Moreover, the draft submits the identification of innovative financial solutions to facilitate the modernisation of these airports. According to Radu Berceanu, Minister of Transports and Infrastructure, the EU has already asked the Romanian Government to pinpoint the promising airports, in order to be financially supported.

The issue is that in our country the airports are too many and too crowded, which makes it difficult both the traffic and the financing competition. ”We will never get EU money both for Suceava and Iaþi, or for both Timiþoara and Arad. What the EU asks is a sheer evaluation of the promising airports, which are liable to be granted some funds. Those which play their card better and faster in this competition will win“, said Berceanu.

The Minister advised the local authorities to enter into partnership, so that more local councils could become shareholders of the same airport. Thus or in case of the local councils make use of publicprivate partnerships, an airport could benefit from a more substantial financial aid, without any contribution from the state.   

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