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Regarding the rights of persons with reduced mobility, assistance will be provided free of charge on condition that the passenger has notified a need for it in advance.

Secondly, the proposals foresee that in case of interrupted or cancelled journeys, companies are obliged to provide passengers with adequate information, proper assistance and reasonable alternative services. Moreover, passengers will be entitled to uniform compensation according to the rules on companies’ liability for passengers and their luggage. Even more, passengers suffering an accident are entitled to advance payments in order to address economic difficulties that they or their families may face as a consequence of death or injury.

For a smooth implementation of these regulations on their territories, EU countries will have to set up enforcement bodies. If a bus or ship passenger considers that any of these rights have not been respected, he can bring the matter to the attention of the company. If he is not satisfied with the response, a complaint can be made to the national enforcement body designated by the country concerned. 

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