31 octombrie 2022
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Within the projects for improve navigation conditions and to develop port infrastructure and superstructure located on the TEN-T Core trans-European transport network (public and private beneficiaries) – new investment projects, there is a project which was funded by EU for modernisation of the Port of Giurgiu by TTS.

Modernisation of the Port of Giurgiu by TTS

The value of this project is 23,88 milion lei. It is co-funded through Cohesion Fund through the “Large Infrastructure Operational Programme 2014-2020”.

        The objectives are:

  • Modernisation of 10.000 m2 port platform;
  • Construction of an electrical transformer station;
  • Building a water network for firefighting;
  • The construction of rolling paths for cranes and trains

Modernisation of the Port of Giurgiu by TTS

Transport Trade Services (TTS) is the integrated logistics services company on Danube, which received the approval to obtain this European grant. The TTS contribution is of 9,5 milion lei, 14,4 represents the EU grant and the 2,2 milion lei rest is from state budget.

Petru Ștefănuț, General Director of TTS said that the project involves the development of the transport infrastucture. It will be done at the end of  2023 with a project implementation period of 33 months.

The future plan of the TTS company is to continue to apply for European funds to support the modernisation of the ports infrastucture, including the port of Braila.

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