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We talked about the opportunities to develop with Catalin Putineanu, managing director IB Cargo, the only Romanian company offering weekly LCL services connecting Constanta with four Asian ports.


RBT: What are the effects of the continued deterioration of the economic situation during the last few months?

Catalin Putineanu: We managed to avoid a reduction of activity by concentrating on some growing types of services. The 2 million Euros turnover goal was thus surpassed last year, even if we faced a tough last quarter. From 2,4 million Euros last year we want to grow to 4,2 million this year. I think it is an attainable goal, even if economic difficulties are being felt more and more in Romania. For now, we are hurt more in terms of cash flow.


RBT: For many transporters survival is the main goal, yet you plan to grow. What measures are to be taken by managers in order to avoid collapse and even strengthen their businesses?

C.P.: I think the advantage of a small business resides in its malleability and creativity. This is why our efforts are focused on finding creative solutions aimed at supporting our customers and growing our business. The way a company understands to act in this hostile environment may give competitive advantages which can be maintained over a long period, because there are potentially market segments with high growing potential during the crisis.

We are interested in cash flow, not only profit, because the latter is in danger to be counted only on paper in these hard times. The quickness with which one cashes in invoices is now crucial for development so in order to minimize the non-payment risk we have contracted a credit insurance service from a specialized company.

On the other hand, we’re not limiting ourselves to selling services, but are always trying to find the needs of the customers and the difficulties they are faced with, in order to be able to provide an adequate services package. We have developed the customers’ relations department especially in order to identify profit-making market segments and to be able to channel the sales force towards attracting and maintaining these customers.

Other ”secrets“ are related to longtime partnerships, able to sustain the goals of a company, investing in human resources and better shaping both internal – between different departments – and external communication – with customers and suppliers.

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