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Volvo Trucks has delivered its first electric tractor to Romania. The beneficiary is Blue River, which operates for Lidl Romania, one of the country’s leading retailers.

The heavy and very heavy vehicle industry is increasingly investing in green energy. Of course, the big manufacturers are encouraged by the growing trend in electric truck sales. In 2022, Volvo Trucks had a 33% market share in the European Union for the electric heavy truck segment. Globally, almost 600 electric trucks have been sold, with another 2,000 orders pending.

Volvo Trucks has delivered its first electric tractor to Romania

Last autumn, Volvo started series production of electric heavy trucks. Only a few months later, the Romanian dealership delivered the first truck to Blue River.  The FH 4×2 T Electric has three electric motors generating 490 kW of power.

The first fully electric transport system

The Volvo FH 4x2T Electric is a 40-tonne tractor and is equipped with a six-battery pack that powers three electric motors with a range of up to 300 kilometres. The transport package also features a temperature-controlled electric semi-trailer. The refrigeration unit of this semi-trailer is also powered by an electric motor. This completely zero-emission transport combination is the first of its kind in Romania.

Sustainability and efficiency need to be perfectly combined in the transport and logistics industry. That’s why the 100% electric assembly will be used for urban and regional deliveries from Lidl warehouses to stores in the eastern part of the country. It can cover deliveries within a radius of 150-200 km and can operate both in Bucharest and in nearby cities such as Constanta, Calarasi, Slobozia, Giurgiu, Urziceni and Fetești.

Blue River invests in electric truck fleet

Blue River also owns a Scania P25 B6x2*4 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) truck, which runs on a pack of nine electric batteries. This truck can reach a range of up to 250 km. Blue River has also acquired the first eActros electric truck in Romania, thus completing its fleet of electric trucks for regional distribution. The eActros has a range of up to 400 km, was delivered by Mercedes-Benz Trucks & Buses and also operates for Lidl Romania.

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