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Volkswagen is postponing the entry into production of its electric vehicle priced below €25,000, but has begun shipping more affordable ID.3, ID.4 or ID.5 models to some European markets.

Volkswagen postpones series production

The Volkswagen brand is the strongest in Europe. The company has decided to postpone the entry into full production of the successor to the ID.2all concept to 2026 instead of 2025. There is no official confirmation of this decision. But it seems to have been taken as a result of the relaxation of Euro 7 standards by European authorities.

Initially, the German manufacturer wanted to put its small-class electric model on sale. It was unveiled as a concept in spring 2023. It was supposed to replace the internal combustion Volkswagen Polo. If the original form of the Euro 7 standards were adopted, it would have become difficult to market in Europe. There is the new pollution standards adopted by the European Union before the end of 2023. That means that cars with combustion engines can stay on the market longer. These include the Golf, T-Cross, Taigo and Polo.

Volkswagen postpones entry into series production of its affordable electric model

Volkswagen anticipated that it would no longer be able to profitably sell small cars with internal combustion engines. Due to strict Euro 7 emission standards. Following strong pressure from the car industry, EU countries agreed not to change the existing Euro 6 test conditions and emission limits for cars and vans. This means that small cars with internal combustion engines can continue to be built without costly upgrades that would make them unprofitable. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the other requirements of Euro 7 – particulate emissions from braking systems, for example – which apply to electric cars anyway.

In this context, Volkswagen will present the production version of the ID.2all in 2025. Production will only reach the proposed full capacity in 2026. More advanced in the field of affordable electric cars, other European manufacturers will still have small electric vehicles in the range. Renault will soon launch the Model 5, and later the Model 4, as well as the even cheaper Twingo. The Stellantis group brands are preparing a series of models derived from the recently presented Citroen e-C3.

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