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European aircraft manufacturer Airbus said Turkey’s national carrier Turkish Airlines is buying 220 Airbus commercial planes, Reuters reports

The agreement “strengthens our long-standing partnership with Turkish Airlines and Turkey’s aviation sector,” Airbus’ chief commercial officer said in a statement.

Turkish Airlines buys 220 planes from Airbus

In mid-November, “the two sides said they had reached “an agreement in principle for a significant commercial aircraft order,” with the Turkish carrier saying in a document filed with the Istanbul stock exchange regulator that “its discussions with Airbus” are “ongoing”.

Turkish Airlines buys 220 commercial planes from Airbus

Britain affirmed that Rolls-Royce will be the engine supplier for the 70 A350 jets.

The French manufacturer has been grappling in recent months with concerns expressed publicly by potential customers about the cost and performance of Rolls-Royce engines.

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