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There are several important container ports in Europe, which are key points for the global supply chain industry. This sector is increasingly developing in the majority of European ports in the latest years, enhancing the competitiveness between neighboring hubs.

The busiest container ports in Europe

The busiest container ports in Europe in 2022

The port of Rotterdam remains at the first place of the European container ports for another year, nearing 14.5 million TEUs in 2022.

In second place is Antwerp-Bruges port which handled 13.5 million TEUs with its container traffic falling by 5.2% compared to 2021 figures.

Germany’s major port, Hamburg is on the third place with 8.3 million TEUs from January to December 2022, despite the 5.1% year-on-year decrease.

In fourth place, the port of Valencia handled 5.1 million TEUs in 2022 with a decrease by 9.4% compared to the previous year’s levels.

The port of Piraeus handled 5 million TEUs in 2022 and remained in fifth place of the European container port ranking.

Although the port of Algeciras reported a relatively steady container throughput in 2022, compared to 2021 figures, the Spanish port gained one spot in the ranking due to the significant drop in container volumes of the Port of Bremerhaven.

The German port, Bremerhaven fell to seventh place after an important 8.9% cut in its container volumes. Port of Bremerhaven saw 4.6 million TEUs and 47.3 million tonnes in 2022.

In eighth place, the port of Barcelona handled 3.5 million TEUs in 2022 reporting a steady trend compared to 2021 box numbers.

 Port of Gioia Tauro port handled 3.4 million TEUs in 2022, with 7.1% increase compared to 2021 box numbers. The Italian port is the first one on the list that has achieved a year-on-year container growth.

In tenth place, HAROPA port handled 3.1 million TEUs in 2022, marking a 1% increase over 2021, becoming the second port on the list with higher box throughput compared to the previous year.

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