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The launch of traffic through the Zheleznitsa tunnel of the Struma highway marks the complete transport connectivity of Bulgaria with neighboring countries, especially with Greece.

The launch of traffic through the Zheleznitsa tunnel

Andrey Tsekov pointed out that the current project is part of lot 3.1 of the Struma highway. It survived seven governments – three regular governments and four interim governments. According to him, it is an example of continuity and sustainability in regional politics. Each of these seven Cabinets contributed to the implementation of a strategic project for the country.

The launch of traffic through the Zheleznitsa tunnel

The section is 4.4 kilometers long. It is extremely complex in terms of engineering solutions. It shows the capabilities of Bulgarian engineering and technical thinking and the capacity of Bulgarian designers, builders and supervisors.

Referring to the highway section through the Kresna Gorge, Chekov said that “Today we are more advanced than we were yesterday”. In his opinion, in the next two weeks, a decision is expected regarding the remaining section of the Struma highway, between Simitli and Kresna. “I sincerely hope that by 2027-2028 we will have a complete highway connection between Sofia and Greece.,” added Tsekov.

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