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EHang has received certification for the first EH216-S autonomous vehicle for passenger transport in the form of air taxis.

Regulatory authorities have issued the first certificate of its kind in China to encourage and stimulate the development of urban air mobility.

EHang is the world’s leading urban air mobility (“UAM”) technology platform company. The mission of the company is to enable safe, autonomous, and eco-friendly air mobility accessible to everyone.

EHang provides customers in various industries with unmanned aerial vehicle (“UAV”) systems and solutions: air mobility (including passenger transportation and logistics), smart city management, and aerial media solutions.

The future of the transport industry

“The China Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) has issued the Type Certificate for the EH216-S unmanned aircraft system”, the institution said in a statement.”

EVTOL is the first electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

“We hope to become the first in the world in the near term to launch commercial operation of eVTOL with autopilot”, said Hu Huazhi, founder and CEO of EHang.

The Era of Urban Air Mobility is Coming

The EH216-S is priced at 2.16 million yuan ($300,000). The vehicle consists of eight arms extending from the centre, equipped with 16 propellers, each with its own electric motor. The EH216-S can travel at a speed of about 100 kilometres per hour for 25 minutes.

The flying taxis under development use several new technologies – including batteries to power the vehicles and innovative types of materials – that require more complex evaluations by regulators, according to Forbes USA.

Photo Source: https://www.ehang.com/

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