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U.S. automaker Tesla Inc. is fast closing in on Audi by number of vehicles sold globally.

Audi is the premium brand in the Volkswagen AG group portfolio. The company reported that it sold 1.89 million vehicles last year. The percentage is up 17% compared to 2022.  It narrowly outstripped US electric car maker Tesla, which delivered 1.81 million vehicles.

Tesla is fast closing in on Audi

Last year, Audi delivered more than 178,000 fully electric cars, up 51% compared to 2022. The Audi Q5 (332,000 units), Audi A6 (267,000 units) and Audi A4 (237,000 units) were among the most popular models.

Tesla is fast closing in on Audi

German manufacturers are starting to make progress in the transition to electric cars. However, their sales are small compared to Tesla. Last year, the US manufacturer sold more fully electric vehicles than Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz combined.

Tesla is fast closing in on Audi

But lately, Tesla’s spectacular growth has slowed. A year ago CEO Elon Musk told analysts that Tesla has the potential to produce two million cars by 2023, but several price cuts have failed to generate enough demand. Tesla sold more vehicles than expected in the fourth quarter of last year but not enough to stay ahead of Chinese rival BYD Co. as the world’s largest electric-car maker.

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