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Controlling working time, driver compliance, vehicle records, driver card and digital tachograph activity – all will be closely monitored by transport companies. The solution is Tachoscan Web- an essential tool for transport companies. The analysis mechanism is exactly like Tachoscan Control. It is dedicated to inspection services and used by 44 inspection services in 24 countries.

Mobility package regulates road transport in the EU

Tachoscan Web has emerged in a context where, with the Mobility Package, issues such as driver card and tachograph reading times or the full picture of driver time violations are very important.

The ability to analyse working times to calculate pay, as well as driver management and fleet management, are other aspects to consider for transport companies. The Mobility Package talks about several changes to transport regulations in the European Union (EU) that have a huge impact on the situation of all transport companies.

The Mobility Package aims to regulate road transport in the EU by amending legal provisions. Driving and rest times, tachographs, driver delegation and market access are all taken into account.

Currently, the most common offence is driving without the mandatory driver card or using another driver’s card.

Frequent very serious infringements and serious infringements are grounds to start assessing the carrier – will it be able to continue its activity?

Serious infringements are automatically notified in the European register, so national enforcement bodies know about the infringement in another EU country.

The solution to protect transport companies

Tachoscan Web is an online tool that is extremely easy to use. It works in the SaaS model, i.e. “software as a service”. With Tachoscan Web you get quick access to archive and current data from both the driver card and tachograph. You can also see clearly if the driver has exceeded his working time. You also get information on penalty cases in case of a roadside inspection. These violations are highlighted in a legible way.

Tachoscan Web, adapted to the needs of carriers

Tachoscan Web was designed with carriers in mind and tailored to their needs. By the end of the year, a new reporting mode will be ready and available free of charge. The effects will be major and will mainly concern carrier safety, no surprises during inspections, control of driver ethics, reduction of fines, regulatory compliance, support for practitioners, automation, instant chat services and the “pay as you go” option for cancellation at any time.

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