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The circular economy is a reality for Renault. The French company will refurbish and resell important electric car components.

The Renault Group and its subsidiary, The Future Is NEUTRAL, are launching a new auto parts reconditioning activity. It is a European first in the automotive sector. This allows electric vehicle customers to choose between original parts and a range of quality remanufactured products. Parts will be more accessible, – up to 30% cheaper.

Renault starts a program to sell refurbished car parts

To support the democratization and expansion of its 100% electric range, the Renault group will propose in its after-sales offer the following refurbished components:

  • electric engine (for ZOE, Twingo E-Tech, Kangoo E-Tech and Master E-Tech models),
  • electronics power (for ZOE and Kangoo E-Tech) and
  • the traction battery (for ZOE, Twingo E-Tech and Megane E-Tech).

From 2024, The Future Is NEUTRAL will have the capacity to produce over 3,000 reconditioned parts for electric vehicles at the Flins plant.

Renault is starting a program to sell refurbished auto parts for electric cars

As part of its “Renaulution” strategic plan, Renault Group aims to become a leader in the automotive circular economy. The company already has, in Flins, Bursa and Seville, an entire industrial and collaborative ecosystem of solutions for such activities.

At all three industrial centers, the French company implements an industrial ecosystem structured around four complementary areas, from parts and products to skills transformation.

Renault Group aims to incorporate 33% of materials from the circular economy in new vehicles by 2030. In Europe the company wants a net zero carbon footprint by 2024, and globally by 2050.

The Future Is NEUTRAL, a subsidiary of the Renault group, is the first and only player in the automotive circular economy present on the entire value chain. It serves the entire automotive industry in Europe. With a full offering of recycled materials, circular economy parts, collection and treatment of end-of-life vehicles and batteries, The Future Is NEUTRAL develops the closed-loop automotive circular economy on an industrial scale, from cars to cars, to support players in the automotive industry towards resource neutrality.

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