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The success story of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) continued in 2022. Record EPAL Euro pallet production achieved again in 2022. In 2021 has been reached the milestone of producing more than 100 million new EPAL Euro pallets. After that, EPAL has increased production to a new record of 109.05 million EPAL Euro pallets. This represents a growth of 7.55 % or 7.65 million EPAL Euro pallets year on year.

Record EPAL Euro pallet production achieved again in 2022

Repair volumes for EPAL Euro pallets were almost exactly the same as the previous year (-0.33 %). The significantly lower return of used EPAL Euro pallets in the first half of 2022 initially led to a decline in repair numbers. This was almost completely reversed in the second half of the 2022 by a positive development in repairs.

The production of EPAL Box pallets also developed positively. After significant growth of 66.7 % in 2021 to 288,000 EPAL Box pallets, production once again increased substantially in 2022 to 340,400 EPAL Box pallets (+18 %).

Dirk Hoferer and Jarek Maciążek, Co-Presidents of EPAL: “EPAL faced many challenges in 2022. The war in Ukraine impacted Ukrainian EPAL licensees on a personal level while many European supply routes for pallet timber and nails were disrupted. However, the significant commitment of EPAL licensees ensured they were able to overcome these difficulties and therefore meet the growing demand for exchangeable EPAL Euro pallets at all times. We would like to thank the more than 1,600 EPAL licensees producing and repairing EPAL pallets. They are the bedrock of reliable supply of high-quality new and used EPAL pallets to industry, retail and logistics.”

More than 650 million EPAL Euro pallets in circulation

The high quality of EPAL pallets is an extremely important factor in ensuring not only the safety of people and goods in logistics but also the long service life of EPAL Euro pallets. Various studies have shown this to be between six and ten years. Based on an average service life of seven years and production data from recent years, there are currently substantially more than 650 million EPAL Euro pallets available through the open EPAL pallet pool.

Davide Dellavalle, Vice-President of EPAL: “With more than 650 million EPAL Euro pallets in circulation, the open EPAL Euro pallet pool is by far the largest Euro pallet pool in the world. EPAL Euro pallet users have free access to an almost infinite number of high-quality used EPAL Euro pallets at any time and throughout Europe in addition to rapid delivery of new EPAL Euro pallets.”

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