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PTT Express by Filadelfia Group has recently merged with Memex, two major courier companies in Romania. PTT Express, the courier company that aims to become the most important player in the fast courier market, in the heavy parcel category at national and EEC level.

PTT Express has recently merged with Memex

“Our vision is to become the most important player in the express courier market, in the heavy parcel category, at national and EEC level.” says Lucian Aldescu, CEO of PTT Express.”

PTT Express has recently merged with Memex

The mission of the new company, PTT Express, is to provide customers with a superior delivery experience: safety, efficiency, convenience, on-time and doorstep delivery with 2 couriers.

The merger of the two courier companies means greater investment power, a more powerful IT system that is easier to integrate with online shops, a fleet of 100 vehicles, and a large team of employees with industry experience. Investments in the near future will focus on opening new warehouses, introducing POS and supporting a high service level of heavy parcel delivery.

About PTT Express by Filadelfia Group

PTT Express by Filadelfia Group was part of a group of companies with 100% Romanian capital and over 22 years of experience on the market. In 2021, Filadelfia Group, had a turnover of 45 million Euro and over 400 employees. Filadelfia Group includes: Philadelphia International Logistics, Tabita Tour, Servoplus, Philadelphia Tourism, Ruefa Escape Travel and Direktasig.

About Memex

Memex was part of Memento Group, representing its express courier division. Memex is specialized in delivery of parcels to the recipient or to fixed collection points located in Romania. The company was founded in 2019 by Cristian Pandel, founder of Memento Group. The second founder is Lucian Aldescu, founder of the courier company Pegasus and former CEO of DPD Romania.

Today the group brings together companies with diverse activities in the tourism sector. Activities such as: tour operators, road transport services, the airline Animawings, an insurance broker, a real estate business line. From 2020, also a retail division under the yuga brand. Memento Group had a turnover of €200 million in 2021.

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