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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is the leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The company announces MiR Insights. Which is a cloud application that enables fleet owners to track and analyze the operations of its robots and get actionable insights that can improve the robots’ performance.

MiR Insights provides answers to questions such as:

  1. What was the overall mission effectiveness of my robot fleet this week?
  2. Do we have any specific areas in our production where our robots encounter recurring challenges?
  3. How have the changes we implemented on the factory floor last month impacted robot throughput?

“MiR Insights provides robot fleet users a much better understanding of the robots’ performance and how they interact with their physical environment. This knowledge will enable our users to continue to improve and expand their installations more rapidly and further increase their ROI.”, said Walter Vahey, president, MiR.

Key features of MiR Insights include:

  • Data dashboards: Monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) such as distance driven, completed missions, and robot utilization rate.
  • Heatmaps: Tracks robot activity over both time and physical locations. Visualize areas with poor WiFi coverage and potential robot traffic bottlenecks.

Data is stored securely in the cloud

MiR Insights is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is used in connection with MiR Fleet, MiR’s fleet management software. MiR Insights reads data from MiR Fleet but does not interfere with fleet operations, individual robot control, or adjust fleet settings. The data interface is very flexible with options for data visualization as well as an API to port raw data for use in external systems. MiR Insights is architected to support a continuous evolution in performance based on customer experience. All focused on improving AMR fleet operations.

The installed base of autonomous mobile robots will grow steadily by 30-40% over the next few years, reaching more than four million units by 2027, according to UK company Interact Analysis.

MiR’s customers can benefit from MiR Insight from Q2 of 2023.   

Photo Source: https://www.mobile-industrial-robots.com/

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