13 noiembrie 2022
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Intermodal transport had an increased efficiency because there is a trucks and drivers crisis. The demand for intermodal transport up 30% in the last year.

This kind of transport represents a combination of two types of transport and has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • availability of stable transport capacity;
  • less fluctuating costs compared to road transport;
  • reduced environmental impact;

DSV Road is one of the largest carriers in Romania and Europe. It is providing full transport services – groupage, less than truckload and full truckload, as well as bio-fuel transport services as part of the company’s mission to reduce pollution.

DSV Road is one of the legal entities of the DSV Group, which has been present in Romania since 1994, together with DSV Solutions and DSV Air&Sea.

DSV company is part of the Danish group DSV Global Transport & Logistics, The company operates in 13 cities in Romania and owns 120,000 square meters of class A logistics centers on the local market.

DSV offers complete transport and logistics services on all types of transport.

Demand for intermodal transport up 30% from companies’ desire to try to reduce their environmental impact

“DSV is investing in its fleet of intermodal units, improving routes, optimizing truck loading capacity and entering into stable partnerships with Europe’s leading rail providers. Many customers prefer intermodal transport because of the stability of costs and safety of capacity. Other reason is also because it is an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions, and a large number of companies are interested in environmentally friendly solutions,” says Sergiu Iordache, Managing Director of DSV Road.”

Sergiu Iordache, Managing Director of DSV Road
Sergiu Iordache, Managing Director of DSV Road

In Romania, the most intense activity is in the Curtici intermodal hub, Arad county. The company expects the intermodal transport solution to be one of the most requested transport options by companies in Romania.

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