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Preliminary data on car registrations in Europe show that in the exclusive car segment, the XM model from Bavarian BMW dominates. Ferrari has the most entries in the Top 10.

The spectacular car segment ended 2023 with an increase of 16.4%. According to the DataForce report, 19,221 top-equipped cars hit Europe’s roads in 2023.

The most sought-after vehicle in this market area was the 2023 BMW XM. The German high-performance SUV registered 3,133 units. Of these, 55 arrived in Romania.

The BMW XM is the bestseller of the BMW M division in Romania. The “base” price of the BMW XM is 172,610 euros.

BMW leads with XM Model

A long way behind the BMW XM, second place in the European rankings goes to the much more popular Lamborghini Urus. This SUV with a list price of around €265,000 was bought by 1,908 European customers last year. Nearly 30 units of this spectacular vehicle arrived in Romania last year.

The Bentley Bentayga is third in the ranking of supercars sold in Europe last year. Of the 1,325 such vehicles sold in 2023 in Europe, 24 went to customers in Romania.

The European top 5 of exclusive models is completed by the Lamborghini Huracan with 1,047 units sold and the Ferrari 296 GTB with 1,015 units.

According to DataForce, the Aston Martin DBX (991 units), Ferrari SF90 (787 units), Ferrari Roma (733 units), Ferrari 812 GTS (729 units) and Bentley Continental GT (725 units) rank next in order.

Photo Source: motortrend.com

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