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The imposing switch from using fossil fuels to using electricity to power vehicles is a necessary change, but it’s a change which will impact many industries, including couriering.

The courier industry is now considering electric alternatives as a way to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to measures for tackling climate change. The use of electric vehicles throughout the industry by courier drivers and fleets appears to be increasing.

Though they are far more sustainable and environmentally friendly, there are still teething problems drivers are having to deal with when owning an electric vehicle.

Electric cars issues

The most common issues faced by drivers include, a lack of charging points and the right infrastructure to support electric vehicles across, plus the limited battery range offered by many electric vehicles currently on the market. Both of these factors can make it difficult or nearly impossible for courier drivers to opt to use electric vehicles, since the role requires so many hours of driving and miles covered each day. With these limitations courier drivers would spend far too much time stopping to charge or fiend a charging point.

Are electric vehicles the best option for the courier industry?

It is important for businesses to recognize carbon emissions and reduce them as much as possible, but in order to remain an effective and efficient courier, it can be difficult. By replacing efficiency and speed with less courier efficient vehicles, it poses the risk of late deliveries and knock-on effects to customers and their business operations.

With electric vehicles forever developing, there is time before 2030 for new electric vehicles to be produced which have a far longer battery life, which are quicker to charge and can take more weight on long journeys. If these developments are made and they are fully road-tested, then electric vehicles may be in the future for couriers.

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