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According to the latest financial analysis made by WDP, 2022 was a very productive year with important results on the market.

WDP-latest financial analysis

WDP had an increase of 14% earnings per share year-on-year, from 1,10 euro in 2021 to 1,25 euro in 2022 and the plan is to achieve 1.50 euro by 2025.

On September 30, 2022, WDP’s portfolio was almost 99% full due to the continued demand. Their intention was to expand the sustainability investments in the third quarter of 2022, by installing a Green Mobility Hub, valued at €40 milion. During the third quarter of 2022, WDP has made some important acquisitions in Romania, in Cluj and Timisoara. These investments were valued at €15 milion.

Also, in Romania this year, they invested €27 milion in 74.166 m2. These investments were in cities such as Arad, Targu Lapus and Baia Mare. An overview of the year 2022 show us that the completed projects have 309.000 m2 with an investments of €243 milion and in our country, between 2019 and 2023 WDP wants to invest €81 milion in 102.530 m2.

WDP- latest financial analysis

For the future, the WDP expects to have significant profit through ongoing projects, because they assumed an investment of €535 milion on 770.999 m2 areas and some of the projects will be delivered no later than the first quarter of 2025.

M.A.D.E. for future represents the climate action plan of WDP. This plan has 4 objectives: material use, adaptation, decarbonisation and electrification. Through this ambitious plan,  WDP wants to achieve net zero throughtout its entire value chain by 2050. WDP Energy, WDP Green and WDP Decarb+ are the three tracks of the plan. These means energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy, CO2 reduction and green financing and green-certified warehouses.

Green Mobility Hub

The idea of the climate action plan is based on the objectives of the EU Green Deal. So, the WDP Energy mentioned above within M.A.D.E for future aimes to respond to the energy needs of the customers by increasing the use of green energy production and technology. This is the purpose of Green Mobility Hub, a network of solar panels installed on one of the WDP sites, for example the site in Zellik.

WDP intends to achieve by 2025 a power capacity of 250 MWp. In 2022, started preparation and installation on 55MWp and this will provide green energy production with a total capacity of aprox. 150 MWp in 2023.

The planned power capacity will be generated from a site in Ghent at North Sea Port. It will have an area of 150.000 m2.

After all investments and plans, at 30 September 2022 the property result amounts to an increase of 13.8% (€236.2 milion  compared to 2021( €207.6 milion). This result includes also €18.3 milion from solar panels, compared to €15.1 milion last year.

From our country the gross rental income were €44.872 milion

WDP announced a strategic growth plan between 2022 and 2025. The growth will be supported by logistics space, internal growth and value creation within the existing portfolio. WDP remains focused on the long-term profit target in its growth plan, but remains alert and vigilant to achieving it.

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