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Eaton has deployed four autonomous mobile robots (AMR) from Danish manufacturer Mobile Industrial Robots at its Arad factory to optimize intralogistics processes by saving time and focusing employees on less physically demanding but more rewarding and valuable tasks.

The four robots are from the MiR500 and MiR200 series, and Eaton plans to deploy a robot from the MiR250 range for handling transport in a new assembly unit.

Eaton's Arad factory uses four MiR autonomous mobile robots

The main challenges at the Eaton factory in Arad were staff shortages and the handling of heavy loads with risk of physical harm to employees. Before the implementation of AMR robots, the transport of components to the assembly lines and the pick-up of finished products was handled by factory employees using manual or electric forklifts.

Eaton’s Arad factory uses four MiR autonomous mobile robots

Eaton’s Arad factory is the first facility in Romania to implement MiR autonomous mobile robots. MiR robots at Eaton’s Arad plant work six days a week in two shifts.

MiR500 robots carry more than 100 pallets every day, covering 120-150 metres per mission and a daily total of 12-15 kilometres. MiR200 models perform around 150 different routes each day, covering almost 30 kilometre.

Photo Source: https://www.mobile-industrial-robots.com/

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